I’m not receiving email notifications or confirmations. Please add certifiedtrainers@eresources.com to your trusted contacts list. All communication will come from this address.

What is the deadline for the current application review cycle? 2017 applications will be on a rolling basis.

What are the application review dates for 2017? 2017 applications will be on a rolling basis.

I’m not sure if my qualification exams are still valid. You can apply with any valid (not expired) Trainer Essentials certificate. Please check the expiration date of your certification. If the exams have expired before December 5, 2016, you will need to take the Trainer Skills Assessment to apply.

How do I become a get a Trainer Skills Assessment certificate and how long is it valid for? In order to receive the Trainer Skills Assessment, you will need to go through the Trainer Courses + pass the Trainer Skills Assessment [https://edutrainingcenter.withgoogle.com/trainer_course/preview] The Trainer Skills Assessment certificate is valid for 24 months. More information here.

What happens if my application is not accepted during this review cycle? You can apply again during any of the subsequent review cycles. There is no waiting period. Common reasons for applications not being accepted include:

- Applicant's shared documents and videos are not viewable. Please make sure your materials are public on the web.
- Applicant does not have enough previous training experience. We’re looking for applicants who already have a diverse history of delivering Google training.

If I’m accepted to the program, what can I call myself? You can call yourself an authorized Google for Education Certified Trainer, gTrainer, or Certified Trainer. The official program hashtag is #GoogleET. Take note that the GCT designation is only for the Google Certified Teacher program.

I have a Qualified Individual certificate. Will this become a Google Educator certificate or Trainer Essentials certificate? No, you will need to take the updated Trainer Skills Assessment exam.

More questions? Reach out to us at gfe-trainer-program@google.com