Tips for the Certified Trainer application

The application elements which we emphasize for qualifying applicants include a candidate's background in education technology, experience in delivering high quality professional development, and mastery of Google for Education tools. Strong applicants also demonstrate the passion necessary to positively impact education in their regions - going beyond their individual classrooms or school systems - and we’re able to see evidence of this in the application.

It is possible that you do meet these elements, but often times not getting selected was a result of an incomplete application. The reviewing committee was unable to verify based on the information you provided. To better your chances of being accepted in the future, take note of some common reasons that lower a candidate’s overall score.

  • You must include links to your training materials, and they must be viewable. In your case study please include public links to training materials you have created and make sure these links are viewable to “anyone with a link.” This may include sites, documents, presentations, or other videos. Also, be sure to link to your original resources for your case study. The reviewing committee should be able to distinguish between materials created by yourself and others.

  • You must include links to evidence and feedback of training, and they must be viewable. Applicants should be committed to showing through submitted materials the impact of training on teaching faculty. We look for applicants to measure and track teacher professional development growth. Using Google Forms is a great way of collecting, analyzing, and sharing this feedback. Should you choose this method to share the feedback you have received, we recommend double-checking that the link to the responses is viewable by others so that we can properly assess the evaluation data.

  • Certifications not uploaded, expired, or only show the badge (rather than the certificate). The three required certificates are the Google Certified Educator Level 1 + 2, Trainer Essentials or Trainer Skills Assessment - anything else will not be accepted. Certification badges will not be accepted. Also, please make sure that you’re putting in the correct URL in the respective field.

  • Expired Certificates. We recently changed the validity of the certificates from 2 to 3 years.  If yours is shown as expired and you are still within the three year window, please log back in to in order to re-download your updated certificate. If you are outside the three year window, you will need to recertify.

  • Video should be 3 minutes or less and focus on how a Google for Education Tool can increase efficiency and redefine learning in the classroom. Video settings should be set to viewable. We are evaluating your training ability and style in the video. Some did not reflect the integration of tools into use with students and some did not demonstrate the “Googliness” of applicants. The quality of the video is very important. Your video should be posted on Youtube or in Google Drive and should be viewable to application reviewers. Use the first minute to talk about yourself and your role with regards to G Suite for Education. Use the remaining two minutes to teach a tutorial using one or more G Suite tools in an innovative way. Consider not only demonstrating the tools, but how you would use them in the classroom in a creative way.Be sure to focus on a G Suite tool, not a 3rd party app.

  • Five most recent trainings and case study should be within the last calendar year. As you will be required to submit 12 trainings a year when accepted as a Google Certified Trainer, make sure to list five recent trainings rather than events from more than one year ago.


Tips for the Certified Innovator application


    The email you provide does not confirm a Google for Education Level 2 Certification. In your application, you are asked to provide an email address that is the same address you registered with to complete your Level 2 Examination. Upon scoring your application, that email is verified for a Level 2 Certification. If you do not have the certification, your application will be denied. We recommend double-checking by logging into the exam center and ensuring you see your certification and which email you logged in with.


  • You must show a history of innovation and have an interesting challenge you'd like to pursue. Be sure to take time in your short answer questions -- reviewers are looking for passionate educators who are interested in joining their community and solving education's biggest issues. Make sure to take time to interview someone at your school or site about the issue and come up with a thought-out how might we statement and research if this challenge already has a solution.
  • You must include a viewable video and it shouldn't be more than 60 seconds long. A common mistake made is video links are included, but the link does not work. Please double-check your link is unlisted or publicly viewable by opening an Incognito tab in Chrome. Please be sure to follow the prompt in the question and keep your video at 60 seconds or under and you're answering the question the prompt asks you.
  • Can I get feedback on my application if it is not accepted? The #GoogleEI community is a great place to share your Challenge Video and application short question answers for feedback.